Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's try again for 2013

Failed abysmally in 2012 on keeping up with a personal blog. Lets try it again and see what happens. A fresh year and a fresh start!

Hoping for some big personal accomplishments this year, like finally completing a major construction project for my organization. Oddly enough the thing I'm most excited about today is our recent decision to buy a veggie share in a local farm through CSA (Community Shared Agriculture). We've made a commitment (and mailed the cheques to a local farm that will in return provide us with a box of fresh veggies every week. The farm we have chosen is Taproot Farms of Port Williams NS. Our first share doesn't start until April, can hardly wait :) Feels good to support a local farmer, know where my food comes from, and decrease the ecological footprint of my food.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Lesson on Perspective

I opted to spend the New Year holiday in the homeland. On the way I stopped at a Tim Hortons for my ritual English Breakfast tea.  I stepped up to the counter and got waited on by a guy who was likely 18 years old. I ordered my tea and handed over my Tims card.  For those  not blessed by  such things, it's a re-loadable plastic gift card kind of thing, a necesssity in the past for someone who never carries cash in the days that Tims didn't take credit or debit cards.

When I passed over my card, the young server behind the counter looked at my card with astonishment and said..I kid you not... " WOW, is this ever old, how long have you had this???". Keep in mind the Tims card program has only been around for a few years ( 2-3 I'm thinking). I could tell he could barely contain himself from running to his co-worker with my ancient card or whipping out his iphone so he could share his vintage find with his friends on facebook. I merely smiled and told him "It's one of the original cards from when the program started long ago" and he stared at it and shook his head saying "I've never EVER seen one that old before". I felt like saying "if you wanna see old, you should see my birth certificate!".

Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome to Me

Just felt the need to create a space that was mine and mine alone, and not associated with any of my numerous and varied pursuits. Hoping this will be a place to have fun, share things that interest me ( and hopefully a few other people), and invite discussion. No rules, and no sugar coating found here. Bring it! :)